How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up? How to Manage Minecraft Storage?

How much storage space does Minecraft Use Up?

Minecraft is an extremely popular game for gamers due to its unique features which allow players to imagine themselves in a world of a difference. However, the vast universes and the overwhelming amount of devices can leave you wondering how much of your storage space it will take up. You might want to find out whether you have enough space to install and play the game.

Minecraft Memory Utilization

Minecraft Minecraft is a tiny game and can consume less than 1GB across all devices and operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, and more. It can also increase to over 30GB once you’ve explored and created additional worlds, modifications plugins, and skins. The consensus is that Minecraft generally speaking, Minecraft isn’t an enormous application for file storage due to the low-resolution textures and basic 3D objects.

It is important to note that the Minecraft install file itself is tiny, taking less than 1GB (around 525 MB with The Java Edition and 900 MB for the Bedrock Edition). Once you have installed the primary file it will grow to less than 1 GB.

There are minimal as well as recommended requirements for storage when creating the basic folders for files.

In Windows 10, the minimum memory size is 2GB and the file size is 1 GB. However, the recommended sizes will go up by 8GB or 4GB in terms of memory and file size. If you play the game using a Mac device the installation folder will be 385.5 MB, which is the amount stated in the App Store. It will require up to 2 GB of space to install.

For Xbox and PS4 The sizes of the games will differ based on the version.

Here’s how it appears:

  • Xbox One: 1.29 GB
  • Xbox 360: 113.21 Mb
  • PS3 90 MB
  • PS4: 215 Megabytes
  • Nintendo Switch: 1.12 GB
  • PS Vita: 163 Megabytes
  • Wii U: 1.62 GB

The Android version differs from other OS versions. It could differ across different devices. However, it could be as high as 112MB for the majority of devices. In the case of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the latest version of the game has just 138.5 MB, as per Amazon. Keep in mind that these file sizes could differ between devices and Minecraft. Minecraft versions. Therefore, you can find different numbers from different sources. For instance, as you can see, the storage file in PS4 PS4, and PS3 are not the same. The reason is that there are two versions and the PS4 version has more and more worlds.

Minecraft Extra Storage Items

As stated above, the sizes of storage items are only related to the standard size of the file that is required for installation. But, Minecraft continues to eat up storage space even as you advance. Minecraft’s Minecraft client itself is around 200MB. Since the game is constantly updating and storing everything the game requires more space.

The saved files will grow larger, too dependent on the style you play. For instance, if you favor long-distance exploration or mapping vast areas, you’ll receive larger file sizes. Furthermore, The game will save every piece of data you create so even in the absence of modifications to your files, they will increase only when you explore an entirely new World.

In other words, each chunk must be at least 4 KB. If you assume that a full-fledged area requires 1024 parts you can do the math and calculate the amount of time each exploration will consume.

Below are a few other things that could quickly fill your storage space:


Within Minecraft mods are extensions that allow you to create different functions for your worlds, such as weapons and tools. While each mod won’t take up much space, however, they will quickly pile up a lot if you require a lot of them during the game.

Resource Packs

The texture and resource packs can assist you in changing the audio and visual aspects of your games. As your game grows as you progress, you’ll accumulate massive files that contain the files, though each file isn’t taking up any space.

Minecraft Worlds

Based on whether you’re playing either a single-player game or multiplayer You’ll create many save files that each make an impression on the storage. In the end, a basic Minecraft globe is not huge in storage, around 30MB. But, multiplayer games could create gigabytes of data since there are many players within the World in question.


If you’re a committed Minecraft user You’re aware that there’s an array of plugins that will assist you in taking your game to the next level by bringing maps and other features to your internet browser. But, these plugins could also take up a large amount of disk storage.

Hosting A Server

If you manage an account in Minecraft and you’re hosting other players with the same worlds as well as mods that can be accessed on your server. The storage you are using will be increased by the number of players. Each of these components could take up large portions of your disk space, ranging from between 20 and 30GB. So, be cautious about trying the latest technologies.

Imagine you enjoy creating huge areas of land without or even visiting them, playing using different plugins and tools that don’t aid in your game, and downloading maps for adventure. If that is the case it is expected that you will be able to fill your storage promptly.

How to Manage Minecraft Storage?

How to Check Minecraft Size?

You can see the amount of storage space Minecraft uses up used up on each device, and then empty extra space.

  • On PS4 On PS4, you need to open Settings, Storage, and System Storage. Select Saved Data > Minecraft.
  • On Windows, you can check the amount of storage Minecraft uses by right-clicking on the Minecraft folder and choosing Properties.
  • If you don’t know where the Minecraft installation file is located on your PC, you can open the run box by pressing Win + R and entering %AppData%/.Minecraft.
  • If you’re running Mac OS, you can quickly gain access to the Minecraft install and then save files by using Minecraft’s built-in feature. To do this open the game and choose from Minecraft Worlds. But instead of loading the game, press the edit button. Click on Open World Folder which will open a subdirectory within that game’s path to the installation. Select one folder and be able to see the saved files. If you click on the properties of the file You can check out how large they are.

Another option is to try another one in case you aren’t able to locate the saved documents on your Mac device.

  • Start the Terminal then copy this command to it.
  • defaults to writing com. apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
  • After that, you’ll need to restart your device so that it can display all hidden files within the finder.
  • Now, you’ll be able to look for Minecraft save files. Minecraft saved files inside the Home folder.
  • Navigate to the Library folder, then navigate to Support for Applications> Minecraft > Saves.

This folder includes everything in Minecraft Save files as well as world files.

Minecraft‘s “You’re out of Storage” Error

If you discover new worlds and download new mods, plugins, resources, or texture packs, you could receive an error saying you’re not able to store any files on Minecraft while you’re looking to explore a brand new area. It is important to clear space to let the game play smoothly in these situations.

There are other ways to fix this issue:

Eliminate The Worlds You Never Use

If you’re having trouble finding storage space, the best solution is to cut off additional features such as the worlds or mods. Sometimes the game itself generates duplicates that occupy the storage space. For instance, it won’t delete old files and worlds after updating to a fresh version. You can eliminate unwanted worlds using two ways:

  • You can make use of the game’s built-in feature which lets users create and erase worlds while playing.
  • Be aware that this option could permanently erase the entire world.
  • This means that you can transfer your data to the Worlds which you could utilize in the future.
  • Navigate into the menu main, then select the Worlds tab.
  • Select Edit. for Edit.
  • The menu will be displayed with a range of choices.
  • Scroll down until you find the Scroll down to find the World option. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the button to delete. Click on the button And you’re done.

The other alternative is to delete the World’s save file. You can access the saved files by following the URL:

  • C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\.Minecraft\saves
  • You can view each world that is saved within the game. Right-click on the desired World, then click delete.
  • Alternatively, you can employ third-party software to delete or copy chunks or words.

This is a fantastic tool that integrates using the Java edition. It lets users export or remove chunks and entire worlds. Remember that the changes made are irreversible. If you’re not sure whether to delete the entire world, make a backup first and then go forward.

Make A Backup Of The Worlds

If you’re not ready to erase your Worlds, you can make backups of these folders to ensure that they don’t disappear forever. If you play games using Xbox Game Pass, you’ll instantly have your Worlds saved locally as well as in the Cloud.

You can however make backups manually to backup your Windows 10, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One:

  • It is accessible from the menu, under edit.
  • The pencil icon is the first click to access the edit menu and then select Settings.
  • Click the Copy button to copy your World to create an image from your World.

If you have an iOS gadget, it is possible to save your data to iCloud. Here’s how:

  • On the iPad open Files, Browse > My Tablet > Minecraft games > com.mojang > Minecraftworlds.
  • Hold and press Minecraft the worlds to display the menu. Select Save to Files.
  • Choose the drive you have on your iCloud drive and select the folders you wish to save. Minecraft realms too.
  • Save. Click “Save”.

Transfer Your Worlds To A Different Device

Alternatively, you can transfer your game data from your device of choice to another to free up space and prevent losing your information. But, it’s difficult to use Minecraft documents which is why you should utilize them. It’s a subscription-based service that lets you save your games to the Cloud and play either on your own or with other players.

It also able the ability to toggle between different devices and utilize it with bedrock edition as well as Java Edition. Before you use this option be sure to have an active realm.

If you are playing on the primary device visit your game’s Edit menu, select the Realms list, and then click on your Realm:

  • Choose the Replace World option then confirm and then click on the one you want to transfer.
  • When the upload is completed, click “Let’s go”.
  • Go on to your second gadget and launch Minecraft.
  • Visit your edit section, and then select your Realm.
  • Choose the Download World option to allow the system to begin the download process by pressing “Stop”.

Edit Mods

Even the tiniest Minecraft modifications can quickly drain your memory and trigger the error mentioned above. It is easy to delete modifications you do not use to leave some space.

  • To locate the mods folder, enter “%appdata%” in the search box.
  • Select the Roaming folder and then click it. You will see the Minecraft Folder in the next window.
  • In the next window, you will view the mods folder where you will find the entire list of the mods that are installed.
  • You can pick each mod separately and eliminate those you don’t require.
  • You can also remove all mods by right-clicking on the bin folder and choosing the option to delete.

If deleting unnecessary files does not help in storing You can remove and reinstall the application. Keep in mind that If you delete Minecraft from your system You’ll lose all your mods and worlds you’ve saved. It is recommended to back up your data in your Minecraft Realm or keep the save folders at another location to prevent losing the files.

RAM Space Needed To Play Minecraft

Alongside the disk space, you must allot in Minecraft In addition, it is important to ensure that there is enough RAM for the game to be played smoothly. It’s because, just like other programs, certain files have to be stored in the Random Access Memory to be downloaded and then run the program efficiently.

The game will save the temp files on your hard drive when there is limited RAM This is fine. The problem is because hard disks are slower, your programs will not be as efficient and you’ll exhaust your storage more quickly.

It is possible to see the amount of RAM Minecraft makes use of by looking at the processes tab of Task Management during the time playing. The consensus is that 4 GB of RAM is enough to ensure the smooth operation of Minecraft. If the RAM space you have is smaller than this it is possible to remove your mods.

Before you do this, shut down any other background processes to free up memory and then test it to see if it does the trick. Clearing cache is a different way to clear some memory space. If you have any cached files, RAM needs to work harder and allocate more memory to run programs faster.

Don’t be concerned about losing crucial data, such as worlds and mods, custom settings, or login information. Clearing the cache is only removing temporary data that is used to make certain tasks run faster.

In the end, if none of the methods above will help, you might want to change your RAM size to a greater size.