Oblivion Keeps Crashing (Causes, Fixes)

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an old-fashioned game that appeals to many gamers who are hardcore. Sometimes Oblivion keeps crashing due to some errors, here we provide you the complete list of causes and fixes. This is the third installment of the role-playing game series which was then followed by Skyrim and the online version of the game. Oblivion remains enthusiastic fans who love its fantasy-filled adventures that are imaginative almost two decades later.

But, it’s safe to suppose that an older game might have some issues running today’s technology, specifically Windows 10 and 11.

Explore the many reasons Oblivion could fail and the steps you can take to solve it.

Oblivion Continues Crashes: What’s the Cause?

Here’s a list of the most frequent causes Oblivion might be crashing repeatedly:

  • There aren’t any codecs to play the game’s audio.
  • The game’s settings are faulty.
  • The game isn’t making use of enough RAM.
  • There is a conflict between mods and mod management.
  • Two monitors are being used.
  • Windows User Account Control (UAC) is blocking the game.
  • The game’s files are corrupted.

In the event of Oblivion failures, it is typically the game and not your system. Instead of reinstalling the drivers and testing your hardware, you’ll have modified the settings for your game and how you’ve set them up.

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Let’s think of a few possible solutions to avoid your constant failures.

Install a Codec Pack

A codec is a short form for coder/decoder, which is computer software that lets you play various formats of video and audio with your PC. The version you are using depends on Oblivion and the version you are running, the version of Oblivion you have installed on your Windows may not have the correct codecs installed.

It’s mostly due to Windows 10 and 11 have been able to eliminate older codecs. If the game’s audio file does not play, the game ceases to play without warning. The most straightforward method is to install an entire codec pack. This is the largest collection of codecs generally not accessible in Windows as a default.

It is available in four variations including Standard, Basic Full, Full, and Mega. The Basic version is loaded with all the necessary codecs which means it’ll suffice. If you’d like for yourself to stay safer side and aren’t worried about the larger size of the download, go for the full version. The Mega version comes with some additional filters as well as codes that only professionals require.

Once you’ve downloaded executable installer files, be sure to follow the instructions on the screen. There’s no reason to change the defaults. Restart your computer after the installation is completed, and then play the game.

Remove the Game’s Data

Computer programs, such as games, require settings as well as the data on your system to perform their tasks. Certain of the files listed are universal — identical for all users, whereas other files are user-specific. Sometimes, the user’s files are corrupted and a fresh version has to be written completely from scratch.

You can do this by eliminating the folder in which you store your documents.

Here’s where to find this folder: This computer is connected to Drive C. Account Name > Users and Documents. The games are in Oblivion. Make sure that the game is over.

Open the folder and then delete the contents. If you wish to keep the saved game intact, make sure not to erase the Saves folder.

Delete the game’s music

While it’s not the best option, you can turn off your game’s playback of audio feature if you don’t wish the installation of codecs.

Make sure that the game is shut and then follow these guidelines:

  1. Click on the Start button and enter Oblivion.ini. This is the place where all game settings are saved.
  2. If you are unable to locate the file in search results then navigate to this computer >> Drive C > Users. Then, locate the folder that corresponds to your name, and click it. Then, go there: your Documents >> My Games > Oblivion.
  3. The file can be opened. If you’re required to select an application that can run this file, choose Notepad.
  4. Click the keys Ctrl+F Enter MusicEnabled and press Enter. This option lets you disable the game’s music playback.
  5. Alternate the number between one to zero.
  6. Do the same for bDSoundHWAcceleration and bSoundEnabled.
  7. Files can be saved by using the keys Ctrl and S or clicking the File > Save.
  8. Check the game to see whether the issue has been fixed.

Note If you’re using Steam You may need to alter these settings to two locations for the changes to be effective in the main settings file for the game and Steam’s copy.

To find the second file, open this PC > Drive C > Program Files (x86) > Steam > controller_base.

Switch off Shading Water

When you see an area of water during the gameplay, it appears a clear blue. This is due to the setting that may conflict in some cases with the Windows setting for display. Fortunately, it’s simple to switch off the power. The clear blue water, however, at least you’ll play the game.

Here’s how:

  1. Start and open the Oblivion.ini file as was explained in the earlier solution.
  2. Click Ctrl+F and type in busewaterShader.
  3. The value will change from zero to 1. 1.
  4. Back up the setting file and then restart the game.

Increase the Gaming’s RAM Allowed

Even the most inexperienced gamers understand that they need enough memory to run an entire game without lag. When the program suddenly becomes slow or stops before it closes, you’re likely to be dealing with a RAM problem. It is more likely that you’ll encounter problems with RAM when you’re playing altered versions of your game (more on this in the future).

You’re likely to be considering, “I have a gaming machine with lots of RAM. What could be the reason I’m having to run out of memory while playing an older game that’s 16 years old?” The issue isn’t due to a shortage of memory in physical form it’s that the game isn’t able to use the amount of memory it requires.

You must be aware that in 2006, computers had 2GB of RAM. The game was created to run on low-spec computers at that time. Today, most gaming systems have 32GB of memory, so gamers can make room to play Oblivion and experience a more smooth gaming experience. To increase your game’s memory, start Oblivion.ini. Oblivion.ini file as before.

Check the settings below and adjust their values to the recommended number:

  1. interior cell buffer = 16
  2. UExterior Cell Buffer = 102
  3. IPreloadSizeLimit = 104857600

Save the file, then open the game again to see whether the changes worked. Don’t let them down if they aren’t. You could increase the 2 variables by 50%, then test again. Do not increase the third setting more.

What Do The Variables What Do They Mean?

This section is beneficial if you’re looking for technical details and need to understand what the variables mean. If you don’t, you can move on to the next option If your issue persists.

cell buffers

Oblivion is an Oblivion environment represented in tiny chunks that are referred to as “grids.” As your character traverses the universe as you move around the universe, new grids are created while old ones are erased. A variety of uGrids are created and stored in the RAM to allow you to play the game immediately without waiting around for the game to start loading.

You might also wish to go back in time, which means that some grids can be saved on the RAM before being deleted. These two parameters (interior Cell Buffer as well as exterior cell Buffer) determine the number of grids your game will keep in your RAM, both from the outside and inside zones of your game. There are two defaults, 3 and 36 but since you have more memory it is possible to increase the numbers to more than the amount you want to.


This variable informs the game how many bytes of data it can load into memory. RAM is a lot more efficient than HDD So preloading can allow the reading of files to be faster which means there are fewer delays. Theoretically, the greater the memory you have the more smooth your gaming.

The default size is 25 (26214400 bytes). The default is 25 (26214400 bytes) However, you can raise the size to 100 Megabytes (104857600 bytes).

You may also experiment with bigger values, but be careful not to take too much risk since Oblivion cannot handle massive memory blocks. It is more likely that you’ll cause crashes if you go greater than 250 MB (262144000 bytes).

Remove conflicting Mods

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was an original game that had a huge universe that kept players entertained for hours. Fans and game developers have gone one step further, by creating additional features to the game–a.k.a. mods. There’s a myriad of ways to enhance Oblivion that range from visual elements like trees and landscapes to weapons and alternative starts.

However, the company that is behind Oblivion, Bethesda does not officially endorse these modifications. Instead, they’re created by gamers who might not possess the required technical knowledge to develop solid software. Additionally, changing the source code of a game sometimes results in unexpected consequences.

If you’re Oblivion crashes frequently Try removing the mods, starting from the latest to the oldest. Play the game and then remove every mod to determine the mod that is causing the problem. Alternately, you can perform the clean install, and then add your most-loved mods one at a time and see if your issue occurs again. Most likely, you won’t need to take off more than a few mods.

Make Use of one Mod Manager

Mod managers are programs that let you install and remove mods with too much effort. They also make it simple to arrange your mods and set the proper load order to avoid conflicts. The top choices would be Wrye Bash Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM) as well as Nexus Mod Manager.

If you are using more than one at once, you run an extremely high likelihood of conflict. Wrye Bash appears to be the most popular choice among users, but some encounter issues with it when using Darned UI the mod that provides you the Oblivion UI a very needed makeover.

If you’re planning to continue making use of Darned UI, make sure that the mod isn’t the one that is causing the conflict. Remove it temporarily from your computer, and then run the game. If the issue is present, Darned UI isn’t the reason.

Do Not Use Two Monitors

Oblivion came into being invented at a time when LCD monitors were the most advanced display technology. It’s not likely to function smoothly with two setups. The best option is to switch off the second monitor, and then play the game on the primary display.

Use the Windows key + P and then set it to PC Screen Only.

If this doesn’t work, try the following trick, you’ll need to remove the second monitor from the control panel of your graphics card.

Disable Windows User’s Account Controls

is a security function in Windows that is designed to stop viruses from infecting the system. When an executable file attempts for it to be run UAC checks its actions and warns the user if it finds anything suspicious. It could even block files in a way.

Since Oblivion has a lifespan of more than 15 years old it does not comply with Security best practices used within Windows 10 and 11. So, UAC may kill the game before it gets the chance to play. The best option is to get Windows to grant Oblivion an unrestricted pass since you are confident in it. However, allowing exemptions to UAC rules will require a little know-how in the field.

Learn how to do it with the following:

The safer and less risky option is to shut off UAC completely. Below are some steps to follow:

  1. Start the computer, and search for Control Panel.
  2. Go to Users Accounts.
  3. Click on the User Controls for Accounts.
  4. Move the button until it reaches the bottom of the screen where it says Don’t Notify.
  5. Click OK.

Test the game and see whether the issue continues. If you do, you must change the settings you made on your UAC setting to avoid accidentally letting malware run on your system. However, If the fix is successful it is possible to add an executable shortcut to the game’s executable file located on the desktop.

Each time you wish to participate in the sport, click on Run as administrator, then right-click and then click Run as an administrator. This solution lets you switch UAC back on and continue playing your game, without risking the security of your system.

Other Potential Solutions

When none of the above solutions work Try these less likely solutions:

  • Change the name of your game’s primary executable file It doesn’t matter which name you decide to use. This odd workaround would be used for a variety of apps in the past that were Windows XP. It could still be able to do the trick if you’re dealing with a game of that period.
  • Disable Cyberlink PowerDVD 5 The application is an old pro-thatch that was a well-known multimedia player on DVDs. If you find it by chance, get rid of it. One user said it solved their issue.
  • Installation Oblivion Stutter Removal This game plug-in promises to make Oblivion play more fluidly by altering the game’s memory as well as FPS managing functions. It can also help you fix an unclear problem.

Do An All-Clean Install

Installing the game again is the last thing you’d want to do because you’ll lose all your games saved and will have to install the mods completely from beginning to finish. If all else fails, you can give it a try. If you want to do it correctly make sure you don’t utilize the default options for Windows. Instead, you should use an expert uninstaller that allows you to eliminate registry entries, program caches, folders, as well as file associations. Be sure to get rid of all mods and mod managers, too. You don’t want any evidence of the game’s installation left behind before you install it again.

Does Oblivion Is Still A Good Game?

As previously mentioned, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released in the year 2006. It offered gamers an immersive experience that earned them a huge amount of attention and a loyal following. Many avid gamers talk fondly about the hundreds of hours they played the game as children. But, some believe Oblivion has reached its prime, particularly because Skyrim, the game’s successor Skyrim is continuously upgraded and Oblivion has disappeared into the virtual oblivion that is Bethesda.

Instead of discussing the subject from an outsider’s viewpoint, it’s best to leave it to one of the dedicated fans to debate the subject from a different perspective.