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State of Survival: Zombie War is a turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game. Players work their way through the game by completing quests and fighting zombie bosses. The use State of Survival Codes, Cheat codes for State of Survival, State of Survival codes 2023, State of Survival codes for new players, and State of Survival code generator. There are multiple game modes to choose from and different heroes to play as. Learn how to play the game by reading this blog. The apocalypse is upon us! The zombies are right outside your door and no one is left to stand in their way. You are the last person left in the neighborhood and you have to figure out how to survive and win the war against zombies.

Gaming Experience

Ever since the first FPS (First Person Shooter) was made, gamers have been in love. In fact, they were madly in love. As you can imagine, FPS games have evolved from graphics to guns and from guns to graphics. Today, games like the State of Survival: Zombie War has the most astounding graphics imaginable. These games can be played on mobile devices.

The graphics in the State of Survival: Zombie War are so realistic that you can even play in the middle of the day. The game has bright sun, lightning, and explosions! The guns are very accurate and real-looking. The maps are enormous and have different zones for different game types. They come with a lot of updates and have a lot of events as well. Some of them even have a single-player campaign.

State of Survival Cheat codes

Redeem codes are the best and easiest way to get lots of free rewards in any game. Today in this blog we have compiled the latest active redeem codes. People search for: State of Survival codes, Cheat codes for the State of Survival, State of Survival codes 2022, State of Survival codes for new players, and State of Survival code generator.

List of State of Survival Redeem Codes

kuchentvsos (for new players)
sos1234: (for new players)

Most of the games are great with a good story. However, there are some survival games that I have enjoyed playing. Zombie Attack is a survival game that I have played recently and it is not that easy to survive in this game. I feel as if I am in a real battle. I have killed almost 50 zombies, which of course is not that much but if I had been in a real battle with the zombies then I feel I would have had more kills. So be careful if you get into this game. You will not feel like coming out of the game.

I would suggest it for all the action lovers. The guns are well-designed and look realistic. It’s a bit different from the age-old killing games which were full of blood and always had you fighting with one or two zombies. The zombies in this game come in hordes and it’s difficult to survive in the beginning. However, you will eventually learn to defend yourself. tries to prevent it.


One of the cool things about this game is that the creators are constantly updating it with new maps, new guns, new clothes, and new events to keep things fresh like Christmas, Halloween, or Easter. They also have awesome events like a birthday party or living dead events, where lots of zombies spawn on the maps. It’s really chaotic and lots of fun.

First, you need to understand what the game is all about and how it is played. It is a free game played on the PlayStore where you are required to survive in a zombie-infested world. You can team up with other players to form a group and fight the zombies. The game is played in a browser and allows users to interact with each other. It is a role-playing game based on real-time themes. It is a highly addictive game and can be played with other players anywhere in the world.

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