Best Creative Gadgets For Artists And Art Enthusiasts

In this article, we will talk about the things that can replenish the professional arsenal of drawers. A detailed list can be found to keep it portable.

The presented concepts will be able to interest both those who earn their living by creativity and those who simply like to draw in their spare time.

Wacom Inkling

A digital tablet is a good thing. However, it is not always convenient to carry a tablet with you, and ideas for sketches can come to mind at any time. In this situation, a device that can digitize an image drawn on paper will come to the rescue.

Wacom Inkling is a hybrid of a conventional pen and an electronic pen. This device will allow you to draw on ordinary paper and immediately save the results of your work in electronic form.

How does this happen? In addition to the pen itself, the device includes a wireless receiver that attaches to a piece of paper and remembers the drawing, and then saves it in digital format. The device can save the drawings as a bitmap and as a vector image.

In addition to the pen and receiver, the package includes a USB charging cord and additional ball rods.

However, this device has its drawbacks. First, the range of the transmitter is enough to work only on sheets of A7 to A4 format, which somewhat restricts the artist’s freedom. Secondly, you have to make sure that the space between the handle and the receiver is not blocked.

Electronic Nomad Brush

Perhaps the iPad can turn into an easel with the help of an electronic brush-stylus Nomad Brush, created by designer Don Lee. This gadget looks like an ordinary brush, but at the tip, it has not unusual, but the conductive fiber that can leave smears on the tablet screen is similar to the trace of an ordinary artist’s brush.

Of course, there are some drawbacks: after all, the iPad only accepts 10 simultaneous taps, which slows down the drawing process somewhat.

A concept for those who can’t draw. ScribbleBot

Soon there will be Creative Gadgets For Artists for those who can’t, but still want to draw.

ScribbleBot is a device that can record the movement of the writer (pens, markers, etc.). The writer needs to insert the ScribbleBot, turn on the gadget, and draw. The device writes the drawing process, after which the file with the template can be placed on the Internet, from where it can be downloaded. Thus, an inexperienced artist will need only to download the file with a record of movement, upload it to ScribbleBot and watch the gadget itself plays the template drawing.

A pen with a Chromopen color sensor

Everyone is familiar with such a tool as “pipette“. However, it is unlikely that anyone would have thought that the pipette could be used in real life. Probably soon, Creative Gadgets For Artists working with graphic tablets will not have to spend time and effort on color selection. The concept, developed by designer Eshan Sayad, allows you to copy the color of the surrounding objects.

The camera built into The chromogen digital pen copies the color, and then you can draw the desired object on the tablet in the same color. The handle also has a small LCD screen that allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, etc.

Laser pointer for Afterglow presentations

An afterglow is no longer an artistic tool, but a technical one. This is a laser pointer, which, according to the authors, should facilitate the work of teachers.

The Board is glass, then metal, then interactive… Today, there is a system that allows you to create an interactive environment right on the screen.

The Afterglow laser pointer can be used as a drawing tool (you can highlight something on the screen, and the pointer can also be used to control the cursor). Afterglow works well with PowerPoint and allows you to make a presentation using a laser pointer.

The biggest drawback of this gadget is its high cost, which significantly prevents its wide distribution in the market.

To sum up

Many of the devices may interest the public and be useful for work. However, it is worth noting that tools such as ScribbleBot and Nomad Brush are unlikely to attract professionals, and will be more popular among Amateurs. While Wacom Inkling, Chromopen, and Afterglow will also be interesting for experts in their field.