Is 12GB RAM Good? (Everything To Know)

RAM is an essential component for the speed of every computer.It aids in increasing the speed of storage and processing.

Although RAM has many advantages you must still select more RAM based on your needs, as excessive RAM will not bring additional advantages.


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It will cost you a little more and take up room on your computer which you can use for another purpose.

Is 12 GB RAM Good?

The 12GB RAM you have is a good idea in the case of building an all-purpose computer that you can utilize for multiple functions.

If, however, you are building a computer for any particular reason, you’ll require either more or less RAM, based on the requirements.

If, for instance, you are using your computer to play premium games, 12GB of RAM will not be enough.

But, if you are using your PC to browse the Internet or create school assignments or perform some office-related tasks, 12GB of RAM might be enough for you.

The choice is entirely dependent on the needs of your company.

Let’s examine eight different scenarios in which 12GB RAM could or might not be the right choice for you.

1. For Gaming

If you’re a seasonal gamer who enjoys playing random games on your own time, a 12GB RAM is a perfect choice.

Many PC games can play smoothly on a 12- GB RAM system without issues.

The device won’t also slow down as there’s still available space that will allow it to work smoothly.

Have a look at some of the top games you can play with computers with 12GB RAM.

Battlefield 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Metal Gear Solid 5

Skyrim & Fallout 5



Dota 2


Apart from these well-known games, you can play every other game that does not require more than 12GB of RAM.

But, it is crucial to meet the other requirements for these games so that they work smoothly on your computer.

Some games aren’t possible to play on 12GB RAM.

If you’re gamers who play games at random, it is recommended to select 16GB of RAM.

If you are thinking of the creation of gaming streams, 12GB RAM is sufficient.

Because the computer will be operating smoothly it will allow you to record your voice or video effortlessly.

2. For Graphic Designing

RAM is an integral element in the software designers employ to complete their work.

There are a variety of software applications that can be used to design.

But, some of the most effective design software includes Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD, which will perform perfectly when you have 12GB RAM.

Each of these programs has the general need for 8GB of RAM, and anything higher than that amount will make them work.

Your computer will not experience any delays when using this program This is perfect for quick tasks.

3. For Video Editing

If you’re looking to perform simple video editing for casual use 12GB of RAM is more than adequate.

Your computer will be able to run the majority of the video editing software such as Filmora, CyberLink Power Director 365, etc.

Your computer will be able to run without causing any problems with the system.

If you’re looking to utilize premium software to create top-quality videos, 12GB RAM won’t be enough.

Certain video editing software programs, such as Adobe After Effects, etc. will not run to their fullest capacity on a 12GB RAM computer.

Your PC won’t be running smoothly, either, when you install such software, but don’t use them because they need huge storage space on PCs.

If you’re a professional cinematographer or filmmaker, 12GB RAM is a tad low.

Your computer will not be capable of running any of the top picture or video editing software and you’ll have to have to add more RAM later to make things work.

It is recommended to upgrade an adequate amount of RAM when you purchase if your editing requirements are extremely.

4. For Mobile Phones

RAM for computers is different from smartphone RAM.

Computers typically make use of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM which are both comparatively bigger RAM plates that offer better performance.

On the other hand, mobile phones utilize LPDDR4 RAMs which are tiny RAM plates that offer less performance and speed.

This is why the 12 GB RAM of the mobile phone is ideal when you intend to use the phone for casual use.

But, if you intend to run high-end applications as well as games with your mobile it is recommended to buy smartphones with more than 12GB of RAM.

Many people enjoy playing virtual reality games with their phones. These games will be played with ease on your device if RAM is higher than 12GB.

Anyone who wants to perform live streaming from their phones while playing games may also need more memory.

4. For Corporate Offices

For offices that need day-to-day administration of data and inventory management, as well as audits, accounts management, and more. 12GB RAM is plenty of memory.

Some specific applications for corporate use and ERP software such as Oracle, ERPNext, iDempiere, and so on. can run without issue on computers with less than 12GB RAM.

If your workplace is primarily using spreadsheets and data management software exclusively, you won’t encounter any problems using computers with lower RAM.

Don’t invest money and use up additional space on your motherboard to add more RAM if it does nothing for the functionality of the PC.

5. For Animation

The majority of animation software needs more than 12GB of RAM as well as other graphics features.

Software such as Adobe Maya, Moho Pro, Cartoon Animator, and others are not compatible with computers with 12GB of RAM or less.

Additionally, you won’t be able to use different 3D modeling programs if you have RAM is less than 12GB because most require a large amount of space to run.

Also, you won’t be able to run certain premium interior design software efficiently.

If you are looking to create typographic or simple types of animation in 2D, you can make use of a computer that has 12GB of RAM.

However, you’ll need to contend with problems with lag Also, your computer may not be performing to its fullest capacity.

6. For Web Surfing & Cloud Working

If you enjoy browsing the internet, reading blogs and social media sites, and reading Kindle books or other books. 12GB RAM will be plenty for you.

Your PC will function just perfectly in this capacity of memory.

It will operate at lightning speed and will respond quickly to commands through the execution of appropriate actions.

Similar to that, if you’re using data on the internet for a majority of the time, then 12GB RAM will be enough.

You’ll be able to make use of cloud storage that is fast-paced and speedy.

This amount of RAM is ideal for you if you are working in any field of programming.

Because the bulk of information will be stored online and your computer will not require any additional RAM to run more efficiently.

It is, however, better to utilize SSDs instead of RAM plates as the majority of your data storage will be stored on storage devices in the cloud as well as hard disks.

This gives you the ability to store more pertinent information on your PC.

7. For Studying

If you’re a student and you want to buy equipment for assignments and classes, 12GB RAM should be sufficient unless you need to run the most demanding software.

Online classes and events are usually run using Zoom, Google Meet, and so on.

Teachers typically use platforms such as Google Classroom or other online platforms to track the student’s progress.

They do not require any massive RAM as they’re all cloud-based.

You’ll be able to access them via the internet fast and with a minimal size of memory will prove excellent for you.

However, if you’re studying design, filmmaking video editing, designing, or similar subjects you should get more than 12GB.

They generally require a lot of practice. You’ll be required to install and run some of the larger software to master these courses.

There will also be assignments and projects that need you to use these platforms.

That means you’ll be stuck in the middle of you are completing your course.

8. For Entertainment

If you’ve used your laptop or computer to watch films or read books, as well as play games that are random 12 GB RAM would suffice for you.

You can stream live videos live on different social media platforms without difficulty.

This RAM of 12GB is also enough to run virtual reality-based entertainment such as 3D movies, animations songs, etc.

Whatever entertainment channel you use and which program you enjoy 12GB RAM is enough for you.

But, if you’re an unintentional practice of downloading random programs for entertainment 12GB of RAM may not suffice.

It is important to consider your needs and make an informed decision.

How Important Is RAM For A Computer?

RAM plays an important part in the overall performance of computers.

It increases the speed of your computer as well as loading speed and storage capacity.

You can also use several of the more powerful applications with no difficulties.

But RAM isn’t the only thing that plays a crucially in the overall performance and efficiency of a computer.

If you’re using a less powerful version of the motherboard, with a slower processor, a limited storage space, and more RAM, it won’t offer you any particular benefits.

It is recommended to find an appropriate mixture of RAM as well as other features of a computer.

Because RAM uses the motherboard’s space It could be an issue when it is not adding any benefit to your computer.

1. Provides Storage Space To The Application

The main function primary function of RAM is to offer storage space to the programs.

It allows you to store cache data on the computer and helps the PC work smoothly and without problems.

The entire application’s data is stored on RAM and the user’s data can be stored on the solid-state disk or hard disk.

This makes it imperative for computer owners to pay particular focus on the RAM.

If you have a large amount of RAM it will allow you to run top-quality applications effortlessly.

If, however, you have lower RAM, your applications could cause problems for your PC and it could begin to slow down.

2. Improved Speed

RAM is a crucial component in increasing the speed of computers.

It speeds up data processing by storing some frequently used data and then accessing it.

This allows the laptop to process data at an increased speed since it processes the information in an intermediate data hierarchy.

A higher RAM capacity means a faster processing speed because the computer can store more information in RAM.

Additional RAM allows you to run multiple programs at the same time without a problem with the speed of response because RAM can transfer information quickly between programs.

3. Enhanced Latency

The feature of latency in computers allows the computer to be capable of responding to instructions at a quicker rate.

If your system is running more RAM and has more RAM, your computer will be in a position to respond to instructions at a much faster speed.

This is also a sign of a reduction of hang-up issues when you transmit many commands to your computer at a higher speed.

Is 12 GB RAM Enough For Laptop?

Yes, 12GB RAM is ideal for laptops as the majority of people utilize laptops for day-to-day activities.

As we have discussed previously the 12GB RAM would suffice if you’re looking to run a few typical applications.

The majority of people stay away from playing high-intensity games on laptops.

This means that no significant amount of RAM is required to make your laptop smooth.

Should Your Choose DDR3 Or DDR4 RAM?

DDR4 RAMs offer when compared with DDR3 RAMs.

The maximum DDR3 RAM is 16GB.

In reality, DDR4 has no limits PC owners can utilize it to expand their PC’s capabilities to the next stage.

It is recommended to upgrade to DDR4 to boost the efficiency of the computer.

If you do have a DDR3 slot, DDR4 RAM will not work so you’ll need to swap out memory slots in your PC.

Check out the three main distinctions between DDR3 as well as DDR4 RAM.

1. The Appearance

While the majority of RAM appearances are identical but they do have a few variations.

The DDR3 RAM includes 240 pins on the RAM plate whereas the DDR4 has nearly 260 pins.

There’s a slight shift in the coloring too.

DDR4 RAMs are a darker green. DDR4 RAMs have darker shades of green in comparison to those DDR3 RAMs that have a lighter color.

2. Energy Efficiency

The DDR4 RAMs use less energy when compared to DDR3 RAMs.

They’re more energy-efficient and produce less heat which allows them to perform at their maximum potential.

3. Data Processing Speed

DDR4 RAMs typically have speeds of 3200 MT/s. This is a significant amount given the lower processing time they will require.

However, DDR3 has an average processing speed of 1,800 MT/s, which is relatively small.

How To Upgrade RAM In A PC

Upgrades to computer RAM are an easy job when you are familiar with the basics of computer hardware knowledge.

However, if you’re an absolute novice to computer components, it’s best to be cautious and get a professional’s help to complete the task.

Follow these steps to upgrade your RAM on your PC.

  1. Clean out all wires and plugs.
  2. You can open the casing of your computer.
  3. Look for RAM slots available on your motherboard. (If there’s no RAM space then you’ll need to upgrade your slots.)
  4. Remove the RAM plate clips and then place the RAM with yellow chips in the direction of the plate.
  5. Stop the clips.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be in a position to upgrade your RAM without difficulty.

You must open your computer and then check the settings of your PC to determine whether the RAM has been increased or not.

If it isn’t If it has not, look over the plates and make sure their pins are properly inserted into the clips of the plates.


A RAM of 12 GB is a good option for certain situations, but in other situations, it might be necessary to consider either the removal or addition of some.

Before purchasing before making the purchase, you should look over your requirements.

This will aid you to make the right purchase.