How To Soundproof Car Trunk From Vibration And Noise: 6 DIY Tips

While going on a long road trip with your family members if your car trunk becomes a noisy place.

Then having fun inside the car will usually finish. This is even too risky if your trip is a bit long because this annoying noise will negatively affect the driver’s mind.

Overall your trip can’t become successful.

According to the report of the Association For Safe International Road Travel, more than 38000 people die every year in road crashes in the US only.

Around 73% of them are only for the noisy things inside the car.

I know while going on the trip with children and family members this is common to have noise inside the car.

This will help drive them to stop losing their focus. But if the same sound comes again and again this will irritate the driver and all the people who are driving in the car.

The car trunk noise is also one of them.

That’s why if your car trunk is also producing noise then you need to read this complete article.

Because in this article I have covered why your trunk is making noise, and the step-by-step process to make its soundproofing.

Additionally, I have shared some other information that will literally help to make your road trip safe and full of enjoyment. So let’s move to some reasons.

Why Your Car Trunk Is So Noisy?

Do you know that not every car trunk makes too much noise? I am pretty sure your car also is not producing noise from the start.

This has been happening for a few months. According to BBC News, new models, especially electric cars have done a pretty good thing for making their trunks soundproof.

But if your car is not one of them and makes too much noise that can’t be heard. Then you need to check the major three places in your car.

Those may be responsible for this noise. The first one is mechanical parts, the tires, or mother nature.

These places are mostly affected by the water, heavy wind, and rough roads.

If you are facing this noise problem for a few days or weeks. Then you need to check the mechanical parts. There may be something wrong with them.

Most of the time this problem can be solved but sometimes it can’t.

When you remove this problem from your car then you don’t need to soundproof the trunk.

But if not then you need it because almost your complete car is already soundproof. Where the trunk area is not, that’s why you need to soundproof this area if you want a better driving experience.

So how can you do that? Good question!. So if you want to soundproof your car trunk then you need to follow the process below.

How To Soundproof Car Trunk: Step By Step Process

If this is your first car and this is your first time making it better. Then you need better guidance so that you can do this work properly.

These step by step processes will help you with this problem

1. Preparation For Making The Car Trunk Soundproof

Before installing any soundproofing material inside the car. You need to remove all the things from inside the trunk such as the trunk cover, carpet, subwoofer, rear duck, and so on.

Do you know subwoofers are the main reasons for the vibrations inside the car? So I don’t want these vibrations.

Then you also need to remove it. Make sure to carefully strip the wall of your car trunk so that the lid can expose properly.

This will help you to easily install the materials. When you remove all the materials from the trunk now you need to clean the surface from the detergent alcohol.

So that the soundproofing materials can easily stick with the surface. If you skip this step then the materials will not work and dampen the noise and vibrations inside the car.

Make sure to clean the trunk completely for a better result. Then you need to collect all the tools and materials that you are going to use inside the trunk.

2. Choosing The Right Acoustic Materials

What soundproofing you have decided to use inside your car trunk? There are too many soundproofing materials available in the market that you can use inside the trunk.

But it is usually a foolish thing to use all of them. Because it will increase the weight of your car and decrease the efficiency.

When talking about soundproofing these all materials will also not provide much better.

That’s why deciding where and how many soundproofing materials you really need is the most important thing.

Usually, you should majorly use sound deadening and blocking layers. Because it will work the most.

All of the other things should be on the secondary list. This depends on your needs if you are facing a lot of vibrations and noise bouncing in your car.

Then you probably need much better soundproofing. Because these two layers only provide the standard soundproofing.

3. Install The Sound Deadening Layer

Do you know your car trunk area is about 15 to 30 sq. ft. bigger? Most of the people when they see their trunk do not exactly understand the area.

That’s why when they collect all the material after using some of them they will fall short.

So it is important to judge the exact area on which you want to use soundproofing materials.

Such as sound deadening layers that need to fully adhere to your trunk if you want better results.

You can use a hand roller to apply it firmly on the surface. You may face lower squares, or higher rounds because the trunk area is not flat at all.

That’s why you need to do it carefully. Although if you want to use subwoofers in the trunk.

Then you need to cover the trunk completely but if not then it is 60% to 70% is the right amount.

But make sure to use most of the sound deadening materials right above the area of the wheel.

These materials will easily absorb the noise coming from the tires and other sources as well.

4. Install The Sound Blocking Layer

Do you know the difference between sound-absorbing and sound blocking? Usually, sound-absorbing materials only should be used on the major structural parts to where the noise is mostly coming.

So that this can absorb it where the sound blocking should use the entire structure for blocking the noise completely.

You can use it in two different ways. The first one is to adhere the sound blocking layer onto the heavy-duty cardboard structure to be set on the trunk.

This will cover the spare parts and also will help you to provide some space to store. Secondly, if you want to completely silence your trunk.

Then you need to apply the sound blocking layer directly to the sound deadening material.

Also, if you have holes and gaps inside the car trunk you can use foil tape. But make sure not to cover the vent otherwise you can’t close the trunk.

5. Soundproofing The Car License Plate

Do you have installed a sound system inside the car trunk? Then you are pretty familiar with the license plate.

Because this will keep sound inside the car and provide better volume. Also, keep the outside noise away for better enjoyment.

If you are going on a long trip then having a better sound system is a great idea. This will keep the driver awake and best for fun.

But the question is how you can make the license plate soundproof. Great question? Silicon license plate frame is the answer and the better soundproofing material that you can use on it.

You can use and cover the complete license plate for better soundproofing but make sure not to forget to add silicon foil behind the holder.

This will work as a plus point for soundproofing but some people just like me feel a major change in sound transmission.

That’s why if you want proper soundproofing then you need to use proper soundproofing materials.

6. Finish The Final Touches

This is the last step where you need to execute the final touch of your car trunk. So that it doesn’t look so bad.

Mostly after using the soundproofing materials inside the car trunk it looks totally different. You also feel a big change after using them.

Also, sometimes people don’t cover these materials.

As a result when you open the trunk then it will look so bad and everywhere all the glue and tapes are showing.

That’s why you need to cover them by using the rear layer on it. This will hide all the soundproofing materials and your car trunk also looks great when you open it.

Make sure to choose the one.

That will work as the plus point not to decrease the effect of the soundproofing materials.

Suppose if you use a pure leather layer then it will decrease the effectiveness of the materials.

You can use a lightweight and better layer that is easily available in the market.

Usually, these soundproofing ways don’t require a high investment but if you don’t have the budget for it.

Then you can also use some other cheap ways. That I have explained below.

Best Cheap Way To Soundproof Car Trunk

This does not require that if you have a larger budget for it then only you can soundproof your car trunk. Some ways will not require much investment.

1. Soundproofing Blanket

Have you used the soundproofing blanket in your house? If you use it then you know how effective it is.

Because talking about the noise block and absorbing this blanket work well in both conditions.

Because these blankets are made with both sound blocking and absorbing materials. Also, the installation process is not so hard to use.

All you need to do is just lay down the blanket on the surface after removing all the materials in it.

Then use glue or foil tape to stick it to the surface properly. Because the proper it will connect to the surface the better soundproofing it will provide.

Make sure you don’t leave any gap between the surface and the blanket; this will allow the noise to come inside.

You can use a hand roller for this work and firmly push it to the surface. In my opinion, you should use a rear layer on it.

Because it may stretch while the installation or storing things inside the trunk.

So when you use a solid layer on it will protect the blanket from inside and look great while exposing the trunk.

2. Soundproof Mats

Soundproofing mats are different from soundproofing blankets. Although both are great sound deadening and absorbing material.

But if you have installed a subwoofer inside the trunk then you should use soundproof mats.

Because if you use subwoofers then it requires opening the deck again and again.

So it might be a chance that soundproof blankets may stretch but soundproof mats will not stretch anymore. Because its rear layer is much stronger.

This will also save your money to spend on the rear layer of the soundproof blanket.

All you need is to carefully install it inside the trunk then use the sticky tape and glue.

So that it can stick with the surface. The same also applies to the soundproof mat that makes sure it doesn’t leave any gap between the mat and the surface.

Usually, this depends on you how many soundproofing mats you need to use according to your shape and size.

But if you are seriously concerned about the soundproofing of your car. Then you need to completely soundproof your car trunk.

So these are some of the cheap ways that you can use if you don’t have the investment to use the above way.

But keep in your mind that these cheap ways are only a temporary solution. If you are facing the annoying noise inside the trunk.

Then I recommend you don’t take much tension about the investment.

Wrap Up On How To Soundproof Car Trunk From Heavy Noise

While making the road trip amazing requires better focus. Because when the driver loses his focus may happen any major accident.

But some of the car trunks making the same frequency of noise continuously.

That will irritate the driver and the other members as well and also is not safe for long driving purposes.

So if you are also making your road trip and your car trunk is making noise. Then you need to keep it down for your and your family members’ safety.

That’s why I have explained this step-by-step process so that you can do this easily even if you don’t know anything about it.

I know this way requires some investment but not a lot.

But if you don’t have then you also go with the easier way by applying the cheap soundproofing ways.

That will help you soundproof your car trunk without much investment also easily available in the market.

But if you also don’t know why your car trunk is making noise. Then you need to understand it first.

FAQ: Step By Step Process To Soundproof Car Trunk

Soundproofing the car trunk is quite difficult, that’s why many people just like facing lots of problems.

That’s why I have added some of them in this article and try my best to give appropriate answers to them.

How Much Does It Cost To Soundproof The Car Trunk?

While making your car trunk soundproof may cost you around $500 to $700 (Excluding the installation cost).

This is an estimated cost that’s why it may go higher and lower. Because this depends on the local rate in your area, if you want the exact price then you can go to your local garage and ask them.

Is It Worth It To Soundproof The Car Trunk?

Yes, this is worth it because after making the trunk soundproof you will notice the big change in the noise level.

Also, this keeps away the road noise and makes your car sound system better. You can clearly hear the base of the noise without any disturbance.

How Can I Stop My Trunk From Rattling?

If your car trunk makes the noise then it may be the cause of the rating.

You can use washers underneath the mounting holes of your license plate. Also, you can use sound deadening and blocking layers for this work.